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Welcome to Anchor Architectural Products. We are dedicated to providing ADA-compliant grab bars and other bathroom fixtures to Federal, State and Local Governments. Our product line includes ADA-approved showers, bathtubs, grab bars, residential showers, bathroom accessories and more.

Anchor Architectural Products, Inc. is dedicated to providing customer solutions with on-time delivery. We are your partner for mission-critical success.


326191: Plastics Plumbing Fixtures

331210: Iron, Steel Tubing

332913: Plumbing Fixture Fittings

337212: Fixtures

423720: Plumbing Supplies

444190: Other Plumbing Supplies

541310: Architectural Design

621610: Home Health Care Services

NIGP Codes

67000: Plumbing Fixtures

67002: Bathroom Accessories

67013: Grab Bars

67062: Shower Stalls

90714: Architectural Services

91042: Bathroom Fixture Repair

91468: Plumbing

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